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0468 409 838 Bakery Lane, Fortitude Valley 4006


Please feel free to tag us in all your shit moments! @cakes.and.shit

Customise the SHIT out of it!

We all BAKE mistakes - tell them you're sorry with a cupcake saying 'I Fucked Up'... they're guaranteed to forgive you! Whether it's your mate's birthday or your bestie is having a shit day at work, there's not much that can't be fixed with swear words on sweet things.

Cupcakes and Confections

Cheeky cupcakes and culprit crowdpleasers...


From espresso martinis to the old favourite 'shooey'; we have you covered for a good time.


Need to say something to someone special? We can make any cake, for any occasion. Needs an extra touch? Our Profanity Printing Press can assist.

Shop 3, Bakery Lane

694 Ann St Fortitude Valley
+61 0468 409 838